VirtualAcorn Unlock Code Request Form

VirtualRPC has been moved to a new computer as the old computer is damaged beyond repair or has been stolen.

If this is the first time you have installed this copy of VirtualRPC or if you are moving your copy of VirtualRPC from a working computer to a different computer please hit back on your browser and choose the correct form for the circumstances.

Use this form if VirtualRPC needs to be unlocked on a new computer but cannot be uninstalled from the old computer due to theft or failure.

The following support articles may be useful:

  Please complete all sections of this form before pressing the 'Place unlock code request' button.
First name
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So we can find you on our database:

E-mail address
We use this address to send you your unlock code:

Repeat e-mail address:
Please re-enter your e-mail address for verification

VirtualAcorn CD serial number
Printed on your CD (NOT on a sticker):

Product ID number
Shown on screen when you run VirtualRPC (12 digits, hyphen, 6 digits):

Installation confirmations:
I confirm that I no longer have access to my old computer either because it has been stolen or is damaged beyond repair and is inoperable. *

I confirm that VirtualRPC is only installed on one new computer and will be immediately and permanently uninstalled from my old computer should that computer be recovered or repaired. *


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