VirtualAcorn Recovery Utilities

This page contains links to downloadable recovery utilities designed to help get a copy of a VirtualAcorn product running again after a problem.

The downloads on this page are in Windows format and need to be opened and installed via Windows. If VirtualRPC is running these recovery utilities will not work so make sure you have closed VirtualRPC down before continuing.

Make sure that you are using the correct utility for your copy of VirtualRPC by checking the CD serial number before you start.

CMOS Repair Utilities

On a 'real' RISC OS computer RISC OS uses 256 bytes of battery backed memory to store various configuration options, for example which filing system to use and which drive to boot from. If the backup battery in a 'real' RISC OS machine goes flat all of the information gets blanked and the machine won't boot into the desktop. On a VirtualRPC a similar thing can happen if the CMOS.ram file is open and the power to the PC is suddenly removed. For example if there is a power cut or a laptop battery goes flat whilst the laptop is running.

These utilities will replace the damaged CMOS.ram file with a new working replacement without you having to perform a full re-install of VirtualRPC.


  • Find out which version of VirtualRPC you are using, SE, SA, Adjust or AdjustSA.
  • Download the correct tool for your copy of VirtualRPC.
  • Copy the downloaded .zip file into the same directory as your VirtualRPC.
  • Open the .zip file and read the instructions (you don't need to unzip the file).
  • Follow the instructions carefully to fix the problem.
  • Run VirtualRPC and check that the problem is resolved.

VirtualRPC-SE - CD serial number starting with a 1

CMOS Repair for VirtualRPC-SE (131KB) - Windows ZIP file


VirtualRPC-SA - CD serial number starting with a 2

CMOS Repair for VirtualRPC-SA (150KB) - Windows ZIP file


VirtualRPC-Adjust - CD serial number starting with a 6

CMOS Repair for VirtualRPC-Adjust (38KB) - Windows ZIP file


VirtualRPC-AdjustSA - CD serial number starting with a 7

CMOS Repair for VirtualRPC-AdjustSA (150KB) - Windows ZIP file



Replacement HostFS extensions file

This is a replacement HostFS extensions file that can be used if your existing HostFS extensions file if it has become corrupted. The normal indication of a corrupted HostFS extensions file is an empty Extensions list from the VirtualRPC Options window and an inability to share common filetypes such as JPEGs between RISC OS and Windows. Installation instructions are provided inside the .zip file.

Download HostFS extensions (1Kb) - Windows ZIP file


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