VirtualAcorn Technical Support

This section of the website contains up to date technical support information relating to VirtualAcorn products. Please scroll down this page to see all of the links that are available.

Support via phone/e-mail

All of our products ship with one years technical support (from the date of despatch from our offices) available via both phone and e-mail. After this year of support has ended VirtualAcorn reserve the right to charge for direct e-mail or phone support. Support via this section of the VirtualAcorn website and the VirtualAcorn forums is available free of charge for the lifetime of the product.

Before contacting VirtualAcorn

Before contacting us directly with a problem please see if the solution can be found here. This section of the website documents most common problems so it's very likely that someone else has had the same problem and that the solution is only a few mouse clicks away. If you do contact us by e-mail with a problem that's already covered by the Technical Support Assistant, or is already in the Knowledge Base then you may simply be referred back to this page.

Search the VirtualAcorn website

If you need help with a particular problem then the following search (provided by Google) may well help. This will search the VirtualAcorn website as well as the VirtualAcorn Forums for any key words that you enter. Try and keep your search terms simple. For example type "Sibelius" rather than "How do I install Sibelius in my copy of VirtualRPC".


The VirtualAcorn Technical Support Assistant

The Technical Support Assistant can help you diagnose and solve a number of common problems. We are currently testing this support method to see how effective it is. Since we are only open during normal office hours (10am to 5pm Monday to Friday) there can be a delay in you getting a response to a support e-mail that you have sent us. The Technical Support Assistant (beta version) asks the same questions we would ask over the phone, or via e-mail, in order to find the problem and suggest solutions. Experience so far suggests that this is an effective and quick way of solving most problems, especially out of office hours.

The VirtualAcorn Knowledge Base

The VirtualAcorn knowledge base contains a growing series of articles about VirtualAcorn. There is a lot of useful and interesting information available here. The VirtualAcorn Technical Support Assistant will direct you to appropriate articles in the Knowledge Base that cover any problems you may be having.

'VirtualRPC in Use' - FREE ebook

We are offering everyone a free copy of the 'VirtualRPC in use' ebook. This e-book is based on revised versions of the long running series of articles in Archive magazine. In addition the authors have been writing new articles based on feedback from readers. These articles are also available free of charge. There is a lot of very useful information contained in 'VirtualRPC in use' and we strongly suggest that all our customers download a free copy of the main book and the supplementary articles.

Buying a new PC

If you are buying a new PC, either a desktop or a laptop, in order to run VirtualAcorn products, either a desktop or a laptop then it's worth reading our quick guide on the subject. It could save you buying the wrong machine for the job.

Specifications required to run VirtualAcorn products

This page gives you information on the specification you need to run our products.

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