VirtualAcorn Upgrades

This page provides information on upgrades for VirtualAcorn products.

Update or Upgrade - what's the difference?

An update is designed to either fix a fault or add new minor features to the VirtualAcorn product you already have installed. You download updates from the downloads section of the VirtualAcorn website and install the updates yourself.

An upgrade means replacing the product you already have with a different product. It's like trading in your car at a garage. Instead of having to pay the full price for the new car you get a discount by returning your old car. Updates are free, upgrades have a cost.


How does an upgrade work?

It's easy to purchase an upgrade, but you will need to have your current VirtualAcorn product to hand. If you have lost your installation CD you won't be able to upgrade as you don't have an old product to return. The process of upgrading works like this:

  • You complete the purchase and pay for the upgrade on-line and pay with a debit/credit card. You can also pay with a cheque drawn from a UK bank, payable in Sterling and made out to 3QD Developments Ltd.
  • You return your original VirtualAcorn CD (optionally including a cheque if you have decided to pay with a cheque).
  • We then send you out the 'new' VirtualAcorn product. Typically this would include a CD, installation guide etc (components may vary).
  • You install the new VirtualAcorn product and contact us to unlock it.

Available upgrades

You can order any of these upgrades on-line by clicking on the appropriate image. However you will need to return your current VirtualAcorn CD. Once we have received this CD we will then post you the replacement. If we do not receive your current CD the upgrade will not be posted. We recommend using an insured/tracked service to return your VirtualAcorn CD to our offices..

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