VirtualAcorn Unlock Code Request Form

VirtualRPC has already been unlocked on this PC but now says that it's not registered.

If this is the first time you have installed this copy of VirtualRPC or if you are moving your copy of VirtualRPC to a different computer please hit back on your browser and choose the correct form for the circumstances.

Use this form if VirtualRPC has already been unlocked on this computer but has now opened a window saying that it's not been registered. Often this problem is easy to fix without you having to request (and wait for) a replacement unlock code.

Easy Fix 1
If you've reinstalled VirtualRPC on the same computer try the unlock code we issued for this computer previously. It's very likely to still be valid.

Easy Fix 2
If VirtualRPC has been working on this PC previously and suddenly says it's not registered and shows an unlock code but reports that it's 'invalid' the following will usually resolve the problem:

Easy Fix 2 - Windows
Shutdown and restart the PC. Then check to see if you have disabled (or turned off) any network devices (for example the WiFi). If any devices have been turned off turn them back on. Wait for Windows to activate the device and then try running VirtualRPC again. In most cases VirtualRPC will now boot RISC OS correctly.

Easy Fix 2 - MacOS X
Shutdown and restart the computer. This is especially important if Mac OS X has installed some updates. Once the computer has restarted try running VirtualRPC again. If it still doesn't run correctly repeat the process for a second time. In 99% of cases VirtualRPC will now boot RISC OS correctly. It's unlikely that the problem will happen again.

The following support articles may be useful:

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