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Welcome to the Virtual Acorn Product
Registration System

This page provides access to the on-line unlock code request system. Please take the time to read through any supporting articles and to follow any instructions that are applicable.

Bookmarks and Links
Please do not bookmark (or post any links to) any individual pages inside the RUCHS unlock code request system. Only bookmark this page, other pages will move. You should always start any unlock code request here so that you are correctly redirected to the current version of RUCHS.

Important information

We have now retired our old unlock code system and replaced it with a brand new, improved and updated system called RUCHS, click on the logo above to start requesting an unlock code.

RUCHS is designed to offers a much faster service as it checks the information before sending it to us, so errors get picked up and corrected at the time of entry. With the old system some data errors were not picked up until we came to generate the reply e-mail.

The new system connects to a portable offline mobile database so we can reply much quicker and you get your VirtualRPC running sooner. RUCHS uses https to encrypt the data that you supply with your unlock code request. The details are then temporarily stored on our server whilst the request is being approved. Once an unlock code request has been approved it's emailed to you (using an e-mail address you provide) and then any files relating to the request are permanently deleted from the VirtualAcorn server. Whilst your data is being held by RUCHS, pending an unlock code request approval, it's protected by 256 byte encryption and stored in a secure area.

We tested RUCHS extensively before it was first deployed and it's now been running live for over three years and has handled thousands of unlock code requests. If you have any feedback about RUCHS please lets us know using the email address at the foot of this page.


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